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Mission Statement

The mission of Saint David Catholic School is to provide a foundation for the nurturing of Catholic faith, traditions, and academic excellence.  Our commitment is to develop students who are productive citizens and servants of God.

Vision Statement

Saint David Catholic School will be recognized and respected as a leader in the advanced use of technology for problem solving, life-long learning and social justice.

Saint David Graduate

The vision for Saint David Catholic School graduates is that they continue to grow in their faith and academic excellence as well as their commitment to service learning so that they are able to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

Statement of Beliefs

Whereas Saint David Catholic School was established on a Faith Filled Foundation, we believe:

  • That because Christ is the reason for this school, children should be taught as Jesus taught and all members of the Saint David Catholic School community (students, parents, teachers, and administrators) be treated with respect and kindness.

  • That our Catholic Faith allows each student to grow in knowledge and commitment to this Catholic Faith which will sustain them now and in their future.

  • That a personal relationship with God along with the preparation of the sacraments is an integral part of each student’s development.

  • That because each student is a gift from God, unique in his/her talents; he/she has the right and the ability to develop spiritually, academically, socially, and physically in a safe, Christian environment.

  • That student learning is a priority in this school and students learn in diverse ways through a variety of instructional strategies.

  • That continuous evaluation and the defining of clear goals and high expectations for student achievement will result in the development of curricula which will ensure that Saint David Catholic School maintains its high standards.

  • That to succeed in the world of the 21st century, students must have an understanding of academic subjects as it relates to technology along with the ability to apply this knowledge to problem solving and real life situations.

  • That by practicing the Christian values of peace and social justice, the students’ understanding and respect for themselves and others will prepare them to contribute to the ultimate goal of a peaceful society.

  • That parents are the primary educators of their children and in partnership with the administration, faculty and staff of Saint David Catholic School share the responsibility for their children’s spiritual growth and the school’s continuous improvement.

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