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Welcome Back Wolfhounds!


Whether you attended Saint David 37 years ago, last year or any time in between, you are alumni and we welcome you back.  We are always looking to connect with as many former students as possible, so if you attended Saint David, please click Alumni link below to register.  The link will open a short questionnaire.  If you know anyone who graduated from Saint David, feel free to pass our link along to them.

In addition to our alumni database, we have created a Saint David Alumni Facebook group. Please join our group and tell us about yourself.  Do you have any recent achievements you would like to share?  Are you going to the college of your dreams?  What have you been doing since attending Saint David?  We would love to see your old school photos, new photos or anything you would like to share with your former Wolfhound classmates.  It's a great place to reconnect with friends from long ago.  We want to see and hear it all!

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One of our goals moving forward is to host alumni events and reunions.  Let's find as many alumni as we can!  Pass the word around.

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