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Middle School Electives

Elective Offerings For the 2022-2023 School Year Included:

Bobbling With My Bobblehead
Students will create a larger-than-life bobblehead sculpture based
 on an historical figure, scientist, celebrity, book or movie character. They will embark on a journey that incorporates researching this influential individual, while using their creativity to cultivate a life-sized bobblehead sculpture of their person of choice. They will also participate in a living museum performance and school parade.

Think Outside The Bun
Students will venture into the world of food, picking a country other than the United States of America, and study the country's most common cultural dishes. They will have the opportunity to design and build a 3D model of a food truck and create an inspired menu that will represent their best meals on wheels. Students will unveil their designs and introduce their menu to our school team of potential investors to see if their design and cuisine is deemed worthy of investing in.

Striking A Chord
Students will rock into the world of music by learning how to play the basic chords of a guitar. They will learn popular songs through reading song charts, strumming rhythms, and other details of various types of music and artists. Students will conclude the class by showcasing their skills in a performance.

Dive Into The Deep End
Students will take the plunge into an in-depth study of our coastal and ocean habitats. They will analyze the threats facing our waters and adjacent coasts and explore solutions for conservation. They will also generate a conservation project that will be presented to a small faculty board.

Order In The Court
Don’t judge a book by its cover! Students will engage in a mock trial based on the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. This trial simulation allows students to learn about the legal process, the courts, and jury systems. The class will conclude with the students reaching a final verdict: Guilty or Not Guilty. *Students will need to read the book before starting the class*

The Perfect Podcast
Students will plunge into the world of podcasting by collaboratively and independently exploring the creation and consumption of podcasts. They will develop an understanding of the unique ways podcasting aligns with and fulfills a
creator's purpose while communicating defined ideas to an audience. Students will create their own podcast which will be shared within their class.

Pursuing the Pennant
Students will assume the roles of owner, general manager, and manager of a franchise consisting of Major League Baseball greats! Students will name a franchise, construct a stadium, design a team logo and uniforms, and draft a 25
player roster under the restriction of a $55 million salary cap. Do you have what it takes for your team to pursue the pennant? Students can also play a season against fellow owners and track stats.

Hour of Engineering
Students will immerse themselves into the branch of science and technology known as engineering. With the design, building, and use of engines, machines and structures, they will become the innovators of the 21st century. Students will
master the skills needed to produce complex projects while using a variety of unique design processes to develop a foundation for lifelong success.

Killer Queen
It is time to rock and roll! Students will dive into an in depth study of arguably one of the most influential rock bands of the 70’s. While rocking away, they will delve into how this band was one of the most influential groups, not just for their
era, but to this day. They will study how the members were inspirations to numerous musicians and by what method they created their style, instrumentation, and song themes. Students will be designing album covers, writing song lyrics, and making their contribution to the music world.

We Stand United
Students will immerse themselves and role play delegates for our school version of Model UN (Model United Nations). Collaborating with fellow classmates, they will explore and obtain a wealth of knowledge regarding their represented
country's culture, language, educational systems, and political standings. Students will give speeches detailing their country’s position on selected topics, while offering possible solutions. They will be writing their country's resolution
to these issues and debate why their solution is the best option. Our UN committee will vote on which resolution should be adopted into effect. If you feel you have the leadership skills to change the world, this is for you!

Spidey Approved
Get your Spidey senses going! Students will embark on the adventure of web design. Stepping into this world, they will be creating a website and role playing as an elite web designer for one of the top businesses in Miami. Students will be
presenting their website designs to our business panel, while working through 
their processes and creativity.

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