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Middle School Electives

Elective Offerings For the 2023 - 2024 School Year Included:

Tee Time

Swing into this engaging elective in which the powerful combination of STREAM and sports create for nothing better than a perfect round. Your teacher will be your caddie as you learn the game of golf. Throughout the semester you will focus on the math behind your swing, gravitational forces applied to golf balls, and learn about distance and potential energy through the practice of swinging your golf clubs. So grab your golf clubs and join us for an insightful journey that will prove to be a real hole in one. 

Order in the Court

Do you know the true story of Cinderella? Students will engage in a mock trial based on the childhood favorite book, Cinderella. This trail simulation allows students to learn about the legal process, the courts and jury systems. Even more, students will commence in their roles to give the final verdict: Guilty or Not Guilty.

Time For Change

Climate change is complex, with many different components.  Students will study climate change to understand its impact on our environment and know what steps we can take to help combat the issues. This elective allows students to gain a broader perspective on larger issues and come up with positive actions that lead to resilience for water issues that result from climate change. 

3D Art

Three-dimensional art will allow artists to explore the technical, formal, conceptual and cultural overlaps between sculpture and ceramics. Students will develop a strong, broad skill base for 3D visualization and thinking skills, habits of investigation with a 3D perspective and knowledge of contemporary practices found in 3D art. Artists dive into shaping 3D structures while moving through interdimensional shifts, exposing students to the idea of perception, representation and their limitations found in 3D art.  

Middle School Fitness

What does being fit mean to you? With this elective you will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be physically fit and healthy. You will learn the importance of exercise and nutrition. Therefore, be ready to test your current level of fitness and run away with this engaging elective course.  


Hitmaker will introduce students to the art of music production. During this elective students will learn how to utilize music production programs to create instrumentals and record their own original material. Different genres of music will be incorporated, exposing students to the behind - the - scenes of making music. As producers, they will learn about the various roles of the music industry and learn how to publish their own content for the world to hear. 

Podcasting II

Students will continue plunging into the world of podcasting by implementing their background knowledge learned prior and identify the difference between scripted and Q&A podcasts; while familiarizing themselves with a wide range of podcasting topics. Students will write, design and record short podcasting series around varied podcasting topics. 

Exploring Minds

Enhance your interests with this exciting elective. You will explore a variety of topics like engineering, robotics and coding. We are looking to fuel your discovery and passion with engaging hands on and collaborative problem solving challenges. You will be able to stretch your imagination in brand new ways, so jump on board now for this stimulating elective course.  

Videocasting I

YouTube please! Students will get the basics of videocasting. Students will become their own content creators by producing video podcasts that viewers can stream. This elective will teach students how to increase audience engagement, and how different markets use videocasting for their business growth. They will study how to incorporate well-designed visual and multimedia aids, while maintaining a credible presence in this digital world. 

Talk All About It

Talk All About It will allow students to find their voice. Public speaking is an important component of their academic, work, and social lives. They will study public speaking occasions and develop skills as fair and critical listeners, or consumers, of spoken information and persuasion. Students will study types of speeches, read and listen to models of speeches, and prepare and present their own speeches to diverse audiences. 

Acting Out

Students will jump into the first act of drama focusing on basic acting, vocal performance, dance/movement, non-dance movement, and staging. Students will explore the history of theater, while looking into the elements of theater, like use of costumes, props and scenery. Actors will complete character analysis and collaborate on a mini production.

Studio Art / Drawing and Painting

Studio Art will allow students to experience the visual arts as artists responsible for their learning.  Artists will focus on the abstract world of illusion and the boldness and creativity used to generate masterpieces. Student artists will advance their individual artistic processes through exploration and discovery, inquiry and ideation, skill development and artmaking, reflection and revision, self - evaluation and presentation. If you take this elective, be ready to paint the world around you. 

Siemens Hour of Engineering / Time to Rethink

Students will immerse themselves into the branch of science and technology known as engineering. With the design, building, and use of engines, machines and structures, students will become the innovators of the 21st century. They will master the skills needed to produce complex projects while using a variety of unique design processes to develop a foundation for lifelong success.

Adventure Park

Florida is known for one thing . . . amusement parks! This elective will allow students to have a front row seat on the ride by designing and creating their own amusement park structures. Attractions will focus around different themes, while collaboratively working on a central amusement park theme. Students will be plunging into an escapade of fun as they study park structures and what is needed to ensure their guests have the time of their life. 

Travel Through Time

Like a time machine, this elective will give you an opportunity to travel through time learning about famous empires throughout history. Students will study the history of these famous empires, geography, early economics, and forms of government. You will
gain knowledge on how the modern world came to be by discovering how the contributions of ancient peoples impact us today.  

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