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Mandatory Tryout Informaiton & Forms


We are blessed to have Sunshine Aftercare to ensure the safety and well being of our students. Sunshine has been a part of our Saint David family for over 13 years. 


Registration in our aftercare program ensures that there is proper supervision for all students in the event of an emergency. We realize that emergencies, traffic issues, family events happen and cannot be anticipated. This policy is for the safety and well being of our Saint David Students. 


Please visit register.


Temporarily Suspended--All students that will be participating in after school clubs or sports are required to register for aftercare.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  Tryouts or attendance in clubs will not be permitted until registration is complete.

All 3 forms below are required BEFORE student is permitted to attend tryouts.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.  Please download, complete and return to front office.

Forms only need to be completed once  per school year.
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