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Morning Drop Off

Please enter the campus in a double line.  This is to prevent the traffic from building up on 39th Street and University Drive.  Once you approach the Activity Center, you will MERGE into one lane for drop off in front of the school.  Please be kind and considerate when merging lanes.  Enjoy a cute little children's video to illustrate our Zipper merge process. 


Afternoon Pick Up

Please enter the campus in a double line and follow the path illustrated on the carpool lane diagram (see above link).  All cars will line up in a double line and continue in a double line until your children are in your car.  Please be sure to stop and let our dismissal scout record your number.  Original dismissal cards are required.  Photocopies or pictures on mobile devices are not acceptable.  Please remember, this is for the safety of our students. 

NO CELL PHONE USAGE in our car lines.  This policy is strictly enforced. 

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