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Pre School Summer Reading

“Books aren’t just made of words. They are filled with places to visit and people to meet” - Anonymous. Reading is one of the most important and fulfilling means to master the tool of language. Reading at an early age not only helps children learn new words and ways to express themselves; but also teaches new concepts, allows them to better understand emotions, and enhances their imagination. Reading time is a beautiful ritual that allows parents and children to connect and unwind.


The following list of books will hopefully inspire your child to explore, engage in conversations and ask questions. We suggest reading with your child a minimum of 10 minutes a day. We have included some parent resources to help further stimulate their brains and help them learn and grow.


We hope you enjoy our book list for our 2023 “Dive Into Summer” reading. 


Pre-Kindergarten 2023 Summer Reading  Book List .jpg
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