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Renaissance Accelerated Reading and Math programs generously donated by:

The Amaturo Education Foundation

Words Read Leaderboard

As of April 30, 2022

  STUDENT             WORDS READ          GRADE

Aria R.

Peggy F.

Seyram K.N.

Victoria N.

William H.

Emmanuel A.C.

Milah W.

Giuliana D. 

Hunter F.


















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Quick School Stats

Golden Steel Plate

Logan M.
3rd Grade

I love AR because I can see my rocket ship zoom when I score points reading.

Emmanuel A.C.
5th Grade

AR helped me reach to the fullest of my strengths and reading powers.

Milah W.
6th Grade


I am so grateful that AR is provided.  It encourages me to read more and more.  Reading has immensely improved by vocabulary.

I never would have thought I could get to 250+  points, but with the help of AR articles, it wasn't as hard as I thought.

I love AR because the more we read, the more we learn.

Leslyann H.
3rd Grade

Irene S.
5th Grade

Amber P.
3rd Grade

Blair H.
3rd Grade

Theanna D.
3rd Grade

I feel that AR is interesting because you can learn new words and how to spell them...just by reading a book! 

I feel that AR is a resource about reading that helps me find new books to read. It helps me learn new words too.

AR is good! It helps me.

Victoria N.
3rd Grade

I like AR because it motivates me to do better.

Blair H.
3rd Grade

I am very grateful for the opportunity to use AR.  I love reading, but it used to be hard to find the motivation to do so. That was until I was introduced to AR!

Angela O.
6th Grade

Nicolai A.
6th Grade

Anthony P.
6th Grade

Jacob D.
6th Grade

Read What Our Students Have to Say...

I am happy that we have AR in our school because it motivates me and other children to read everyday. 

Using AR I can challenge myself and try to make myself a better reader. Thank you AR for everything that you have done!

I am thankful that my school gives us the opportunity to use  AR for multiple reasons.  AR allows me to see if I really know and comprehend the bookI Read.  We also earn rewards for meeting our goals.  The prizes motivate me to read more, and reading helps me to learn and grow.

I am thankful for AR because it encourages me to read more.